Guppie Multi Tool

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They say, “The Guppie™ was born from the need for a small, pocketable wrench-based tool that could tackle small- to medium-sized jobs. The name comes from its fish-like form.” That Launce and Tom were able to pack all the other Guppie features— knife, carry carabiner, screwdriver, bottle opener, bit carrier, hex bits and LED light— into this small package is a tribute to their sophisticated engineering ability. The Guppie’s adjustable wrench jaw opens to 1/2", making it a handy tool for light assembly and repair, and a very useful emergency tool in the home, office, or outdoors. The Guppie’s 2.0” high-carbon stainless steel blade can be opened and closed with one hand. The Guppie’s bead-blast stainless steel body features a carabiner shape, which allows it to be carried on belt loops, D-rings, packs or rope. (It is not intended as a weight-bearing climbing carabiner.) The carabiner detent is ingeniously designed to open bottles and metal jar lids, a very useful feature when camping. At the Guppie’s “tail” is a hex bit receiver which accepts interchangeably the four hex bits included (two flat, two Phillips), making a very functional high-torque screwdriver. The Guppie’s removable injection-molded bit carrier uses two locating bosses and a powerful magnet to hold it to the side of the Guppie securely. One end of the carrier features a tiny but powerful LED flashlight, while the other end has a hole for a ring, allowing it to be carried separately as a key chain fob, for example. The Guppie’s removable stainless steel clip allows secure carry in pockets or on gear, and also makes a handy money clip.

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