Fishing Series Defender Rail Tether - Cyan - 31-003595

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Introducing the next generation of fishing tools. Multi-functional to provide the most utility in the least amount of space. Painstakingly designed, tested and built to minimize strain and fatigue. Gerber fishing tools are made to extend your adventure anywhere and everywhere you dare to tread.

Customize your sled like a cockpit. Simply slide the tether on the rail and lock it down with one hand. With a 100 degrees of pivot, a 48" Dyneema cable and a carabiner designed to fit on-finger for intuitive control, your tool will always be ready for the next catch.


  • Secures tether with lanyard hole and T-bolt.
  • Tip control carabiner to release tension and secure gear.
  • Patented side release lock with override.
  • Tether pivots 100 degrees on the rail.


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